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I was very skeptical about seeking a divorce coach. Is it worth it? Why would I need one? And what do they even do?

During my initial meeting with Coach Chantal, I asked her the above three questions. She was not offended. Instead, she was very patient, took the time to break it down into language that I would understand and relate to. She is warm, witty, honest and full of knowledge. She is attentive, she listened to my story not only with her ears but also with her heart. No separation is the same. She tailored her service based on my situation and gave me specific tips and advice. She provided me with reading materials that related to my separation and helped me practice given different scenarios. She is extremely supportive when I needed her during stressful times. With her help, I am able to navigate through my high conflict separation and came out the other end stronger and happier. She basically worked herself out of a job. :)


I don't wish separation upon anyone, but if it is inevitable, and you are lost in terms of what to do next, please contact Chantal. I cannot recommend her enough. You will not be disappointed. With her help, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was very skeptical about seeking a divorce coach. Is it worth it? Why would I need one? And what do they even do?

Image by Gian Cescon

Separation can be a lonely decision, there's no sugarcoating it. But, having someone like Chantal to listen, guide, and support helps everything feel less lonely, less daunting and a whole lot more encouraging. Doubt is going to sneak in and Chantal doesn't advise one way or the other - she simply allows you to work through what you need to work through and helps you find a path back towards happiness. I am forever grateful for her support and guidance.

I feel blessed to have found Chantal when I did. My divorce would be definitely have been labelled high conflict despite my attempts to keep it civil. Chantal has a unique ability to be compassionate and understanding while also offering a firm dose of reality, which I needed. Practical tips, tools and a step-by-step path to move forward were instrumental in moving on to the next chapter of my life, I am forever grateful for Chantal's kindness, support, and genuine desire to help women like me through this difficult time in life.

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