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What is a High Conflict Divorce Coach?

Do You Need One?

My role as a high conflict divorce coach,

means I can work with you in the

following capacities, to save you finite

time, mental and emotional energy, and


• I help you plan your exit strategy which

varies from situation to situation. I help

you gather the proper documents and

ensure you leave as safely as possible.

•I help you create and practice "The Talk"

to avoid as much conflict as possible during this difficult tradition. This talk is tailored to your specific situation, relationship and interpersonal dynamics.

•| help you create your divorce team from

the best lawyers through to CFAs,

therapist, realtors, forensic accountants,

mortgage brokers. The professionals you hire can make or break your divorce, can expedite it or stall it, can cost you more time or money, or save you time and money.

•| teach you to communicate effectively

without emotion so that you show up in

all professional meetings as clear,

articulate and focused on the business of

divorce. This not only increases your

relatability, but also saves you so much

time, which when dealing with divorce,

equals money.

Remember, Time=money.

•Your lawyer is one of your most

important assets in divorce but many do

not understand the nuances and

complexities of abusers, victims and how

to strategize with this personality type.

This will cost you so much time and

money. This is why I have a list of vetted attorneys and questions to ask them when you constult with them.

•I work with you to lock down your

parenting plan, which needs to be devoid

of all ambiguity, this again, will save you

so much time and money down the road.

Ambiguity is a narcissist's best friend and your worst enemy for future peace and sanity.

•| help you create your non-negotiable

boundaries and work with you so that you're

able to enforce and maintain them. This is

the foundational piece from which

everything else grows out of. Boundaries

safeguard your peace and happiness.

•I teach you how to communicate effectively

so that you: avoid engaging when not

necessary; circular conversations which are

the hallmark of all narcissists; respond and

don't react. You will be forced to

communicate with your ex until your

children are 18, so this is a key skill to learn early on. Aren't you exhausted and triggered and anxious when it comes time to communicate with them? Don't you want to not experience any of the anxiety and stress and confusion when having to communicate with them?

•I teach you how, and what, and when to

document which is an essential skill with a

narcissist. You'll need this during your

divorce, as well as after to show patterns of behaviour.

•I teach you how to parallel parent. You

cannot coparent with a narcissist, so you'll

need to learn the ins and outs of parallel

parenting and how to implement it to

safeguard your home, your children, and


•| help you anticipate and mitigate the

plethora of abusive tactics your narcissistic

ex will try to employ from the moment you

separate until your children are 18.

•What you don't know can have

severe consequences for you and your

children. This is why knowledge is power.

If you can anticipate it, then you can

mitigate it. And if you can't mitigate it,

then you will need to litigate it.

•| help you minimize your overwhelm,

uncertainty and stress by helping you get

organized, create manageable to do lists,

explain all your options to you, working

within your divorce budget.

•I explain your various divorcing options and will coach you through to them, so that you are educated, confident and clear.

•The work we do together, helps you become crystal clear as to what you want, and how you'll go about getting there.

•This is a skill that will transfer to every facet of your divorce and life beyond divorce.

•You'll start responding and not reacting and this will help you control far more of every part of your divorce and life.

What is your time and financial investment?

•On average, clients require 6 sessions. Some less and some more.

•I offer 1:1 sessions, packages, and payment plans.

•I offer complimentary check-ins between sessions to support you during your process and learning.

•I work with clients GLOBALLY.

•My rates are between 160$-170$ Canadian.


A high conflict divorce coach should be your first stop before you hire a lawyer or any other divorce professional.

If you want expert guidance, support, tools, and clarity, and the ability to save yourself time, emotional and mental stress and

money, the question is then:

Can you really afford to not have a high conflict divorce coach?

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